Beyond Basics

Time to take off the training wheels! This course takes your training to the next level. What's the next level? Well, that's the beauty of this class—YOU decide!!

Like many exercise classes that show you various intensity levels of a given exercise, this course shows you various levels of each command or behavior. This permits "perfect fit" training for you and your dog! We teach and use an easy-to-apply, standardized approach to dog training and management that is designed to be useful no matter what level your dog is at with a given command or behavior.

The course also continues to build a foundation of manners, training, and social skills. Exercises will be fun and positive and will focus on honing the training techniques learned in the Basic Training and Social Skills course.  This course is perfect for those who have adolescent and young adult dogs and who need help weathering this “teenage” stage in a way that’s constructive and positive.

Class benefits include:

  • Learning more advanced levels of the basics learned in the basic course

  • Working on making your dog’s responses to commands consistent and reliable (and wean off the use of food/luring techniques)

  • Adding difficulty and distraction to commands learned in the basic course and learn some new commands

  • Continuing to hone your handling skills: timing, consistency, reading your dog, understanding the training techniques and how to apply them, knowing how to work with your unique dog’s skills and temperament

  • Giving you and your dog lots of opportunity to practice the approaches through carefully-constructed exercises

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