Gold Star programs are highly student-focused—we are adept at explaining concepts and helping every client feel successful.  We design training experiences that are meaningful and effective—ones that our clients can use long after class ends. A sense of humor, enthusiastic teaching style, and ability to work with a wide range of students are traits our clients seem to like about our programs! We use positive reinforcement training—this means we never use force, pain, intimidation, or fear when working with a dog (or a human!). Our approach to helping you train your dog is easy to understand and apply, and we strive to give you tools that you can use throughout your dog’s life.

We have honed our program into these key offerings: 

  • Our “Essentials/Basics” class contains all a dog owner needs to have a firm grasp of practical basics. Click icon below for class description.

  • Our Beyond Basics class is for those who want to further their training (it is designed to be taken numerous times and still offer a challenge). Click icon below for class description.

All classes and programs focus on teaching a simple, adaptable approach that clients can apply long after class ends.  All classes come with “free tech support” for life…we’re available to you by phone and email even after class ends!