Therapy Dog Academy

So, your dog wants to be a therapy dog?  Well, we’ve got a course for that!  This 6-week course gives dogs and handlers the necessary skills for not only passing the test, but also for working successfully as a therapy dog team.  The course is taught by Deb, who has been a therapy dog handler since the mid-1990s, has had 6 therapy dog partners over the years, and has directed a large therapy dog certification and training program since 2005.

This course is suitable for people and dogs:

  • Working toward therapy dog certification;

  • Already working as a therapy dog team but wanting to develop new skills or hone existing ones; and

  • Looking for skills that are useful for anyone wanting to work his/her dog in public (e.g., in the workplace, for service dog training).

Class benefits include:

  • Learning skills for passing a therapy dog test (such as loose-leash walking, attention work, polite greetings, and more);

  • Gaining the tools and know-how to work effectively as a therapy dog team;

  • Learning how to keep your dog safe, and happy in his/her therapy dog career;

  • Understanding how to read your dog’s reaction to a visit or experience through body language;

  • Becoming an excellent dog handler and partner; and

  • Developing a close working relationship with your dog.

Please note: This course does not result in therapy dog certification, nor does it guarantee certification. Please review the course policies for details.

Click here to review course policies.