I love teaching and coaching. I love dogs. I’m excited about helping our community in creative ways! That’s a big part of what Gold Star Dog Training is about. I guess you could call it a corporate commitment, but that sounds too serious for one woman running a dog training business. So, simply, I really enjoy the community service facet of my work. Here are some of the things we’ve done or are doing. 


Therapy Dogs of Vermont (TDV)

Deb has been a therapy dog handler since 1996 and the volunteer Director of Training and Certification for TDV since 2005.  She also served on the Board for more than a decade.  Currently, she manages the certification and training program and a team of nearly 20 volunteers throughout Vermont.  Because therapy dog work is a passion of Deb’s, she’s constructed her classes to provide excellent prep for therapy dog and service dog work.
Learn more about TDV:   www.therapydogs.org


Woof Workshops for Great Causes

Deb allows a wide range of great causes to use her Woof! What is the Dog Saying? lecture to raise funds or for free community educational purposes.  Woof lectures have raised money, or contributed to community education, for:  The Chittenden County Humane Society, VT Dog Rescue, Marc's Barc Parc, Shelburne Dog Park, Island Arts, Manchester Community Library, Carpenter-Carse Library, German Shepherd Resource and Rescue Center, Inc., Williston Recreation Department, St Albans Recreation Department, South Burlington Recreation Department, Milton Recreation Department, and Essex Recreation Department.  Deb has also provided the lecture as free staff training for Burlington Emergency Veterinary Services (BEVS) and Pet Food Warehouse.

German Shepherd Resource and Rescue Center, Inc.

Deb serves as an advisor on dog training and behavior to the organization, is a resource for questions regarding GSDs in their foster program, and writes/reviews articles and other training materials.
Learn more about GSR&RC: www.germanshepherdcenter.org

Vermont Professional Dog Trainers Network (VPDTN)

In 2016, Deb co-founded this organization to promote the use of positive training methods and help dog owners understand their training options and connect with related resources. 
Learn more about VPDTN: http://www.vtdogtrainers.com

Vermont Works for Women

In November, 2012 Gold Star Dog Training gave a presentation entitled "So, What Does a Dog Trainer Do?" to the female inmates of the Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility (CRCF) in South Burlington. This presentation was part of a job readiness and career exploration program that Vermont Works for Women provides at CRCF once a month.
Learn more about Vermont Works for Women at: www.vtworksforwomen.org

VT Dog Rescue, Inc

In July of 2015, Deb became a canine educational consultant with VT Dog Rescue.  In this volunteer position Deb shares her training skills and expertise with foster parents as well as adopters. Deb provides telephone, in class, and private consultations to assist with a wide range of issues.   
Learn more about VT Dog Rescue: http://www.vtdogrescue.com